Minutes continued
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LOCAL POLICE UPDATE – Sgt. Betts was out of the office until Saturday, 4th December so he had been unable to answer John’s queries for (1) details of a car stolen from an address in Alpine Rise and (2) attempted theft by two people of equipment from a contractor’s van in Baginton Road. When a resident challenged them, he was threatened with violence. Sgt. Betts was asked if the vehicle registration was recorded. Ring 101 for non-urgent incidents and 999 for emergencies. The new Police Inspector is keen to meet local residents.
COUNCILLOR JOHN BLUNDELL – Prior to the meeting John A had emailed John B asking for clarification on several items and John B had emailed his reply.
War Memorial Park, Park and Ride – security is ongoing to prevent incursion by travellers. The cost for the security attendants during the day is £30 per hour total for two attendants, employed from 6.00 am until 5 pm, then overnight security starts (at an additional cost).
Mini Roundabout on Warwick Road at entrance to Central Six. The established rules apply, i.e. cars entering the roundabout should give way to cars already on the roundabout. Cars coming out of Central Six and turning right have right-of-way over cars coming up Warwick Road. The meeting suggested that the roundabout was too big to be referred to as a ‘mini’. Ongoing Parking Congestion around Grange Farm School – residents have serious fears about the likelihood of an accident occurring. While buses were recently diverted via Hexworthy Avenue, the situation resulted in even more congestion and very dangerous parking. Could Hexworthy, Dewsbury and Barnack all be made 20 mph zones? John B advised this could be put forward, however the process is quite lengthy and would be subject to funding, consultation and Traffic Regulation Orders. John B proposes a meeting between SGRA and Grange Farm School. Mattie advised that ‘car-free zones’ around schools had been suggested for various locations across the city and Coventry City Council are keen to action this. The meeting thought that this would only move the parking onto other streets. The question was asked, does the school advise new parents to the area about safe and considerate parking? 9A Bus – speculation about changes to the timetable due to the lack of drivers has been noted but no specific details are known. There were changes from 29th August 2021.
Animal Pound - John B will enquire about the latest situation regarding repairs.
TREASURER’S REPORT – John gave Mick’s report. Finance – there has been no change in our financial situation during the last month and we have £706.46.
Website – John encouraged members to look at the SGRA website. Mick would welcome any submissions for inclusion on the website, such as a personal story or a photograph of local interest. Facebook – 135 people have viewed this, but no comments have been received. Mick asks if a setting is incorrect? A member at the meeting suggested that the site had been made ‘Private’ and this suggestion will be passed onto Mick.
ANY OTHER BUSINESS – John advised the meeting of the death of Trevor Brigden on 20th November 2021 and our thoughts are with Trevor’s wife and family.
City Fibre – promotional advertisements are appearing in newspapers, but we do not have a starting date.
Severn Trent had carried out work in Mantilla Drive near to Dewsbury Avenue which had necessitated the excavation of a large hole.
The Chair wishes all SGRA members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. A very big thank you to everyone who persevered with our Zoom meetings and I hope that our face-to-face meetings in the school will re-commence soon.
DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Thursday, 3rd February 2022 at 8 pm.
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