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LOCATION – Zoom (Virtual Meeting)
DATE – 3rd December 2020
PRESENT – John Archer – Chairman, Councillor John Blundell, Helen Fitzpatrick -Wainbody Ward Conservatives, Mick Fitzpatrick – Treasurer, Councillor Mattie Heaven, Sheila Weare – Minutes Secretary
Plus 12 members of the Association.
WELCOME – After a brief Zoom etiquette briefing, John A welcomed members to the meeting
APOLOGIES – Alison and Tom Binks, Delma Carter, Sylvia and David Cleaver, Babu Mistry, Karamjit Singh, Wendy Sneath.
MINUTES – The minutes of the meeting on 5th March 2020 were accepted and there were no Matters Arising.
HELEN FITZPATRICK – Helen is a local volunteer assisting the three Wainbody Ward Councillors. She produces a weekly residents’ update on the Wainbody Facebook page, which is shared with Pride in Finham. The content is moderated and scrutinised. The weekly update contains current national, city-based and local information and also includes personal contact details for the three Councillors. Helen acknowledged the work Mick is doing promoting SGRA on Facebook.
COUNCILLOR JOHN BLUNDELL – Animal Pound – John is making enquiries as to which department of the Council padlocked the Pound and erected the warning notice and who is responsible for repairing the wall. Local Plan – this will be reviewed in 2022. A planning application has been passed for a large housing development in Eastern Green. Our Councillors, together with West Midlands Mayor Andy Street, are challenging the population growth forecast figures produced by the Office of National Statistics. Accommodation Block, Cannon Park – building work has re-started. Numbers of Covid-19 cases within the Ward and in Warwick University have reduced. John is promoting a Coventry city 20 miles per hour speed limit. This means the default position would be for residential roads to have a 20 MPH speed limited unless determined otherwise. New average-speed cameras have been installed at various locations within the city. John recommends we carry out a Speedwatch on Styvechale Grange, possibly in Mantilla Drive. A resident from Mantilla expressed her concern at the excessive speed of vehicles passing her house. She also thanked the Councillors for the introduction of the much-quieter electric buses. Since the meeting John A has contacted Sgt. Darren Betts about organising a Speedwatch
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