Last Meetings Minutes
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PETITION BUS STOP MANTILLA DRIVE – a resident in Peveril Drive reports having for some time suffered trespass, harassment, verbal and racial abuse towards him and his family, from pupils of Finham Park school gathering at the bus stop outside his property. The Police and the school have both been contacted for their help in this matter. Various suggestions were put forward at our meeting, but the resident is adamant that the only solution is the removal/relocation of the bus stop and is asking for SGRA’s support for his petition. John B will forward a form of petition for the resident to use.
ANY OTHER BUSINESS – Meadow Grass Cutting – this has now taken place with no further damage to the ancient hedge. The operative advised that nearby residents had been informed of the proposed grass cutting, but this does not appear to have happened. Centenary Celebrations War Memorial Park will take place 9th/10th July 2022. Raffle - a discussion took place as to whether it is financially viable to continue with this. As most members enjoy the raffle and it provides a welcome additional income, it will continue. Mantilla Drive Resurfacing – the worst areas have been patched and SGRA hope the permanent resurfacing will be carried out during 2023/24, but no assurances can be given at this time.
DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Thursday 8th September 2022 at 7.30 pm.