Last Meetings Minutes
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LOCATION – Grange Farm School
DATE – 9 November 2023
PRESENT – John Archer – Chairman, Councillor John Blundell, Mick Fitzpatrick – Treasurer, Councillor Mattie Heaven, Sheila Weare – Minutes Secretary.
Plus 19 members of the Association.
WELCOME – John A reported that on the morning of our meeting an incident had occurred in Alpine Rise, where a DPD van had been attacked by four men armed with knives. They made their getaway in a BMW vehicle. The police attended the scene. Members are asked to be vigilant and to telephone 999 to report anything suspicious. A registration number or description of any vehicle involved should be noted if possible. Police had been focusing on Wainbody Ward, but this initiative has been transferred elsewhere and incidences of crime appear to be increasing.
APOLOGIES – Doreen Archer, Geoff Barnacle, Jessica Burch, Sue Clifford, Judith and David Cule, Peter Dixon, Heidi Elliott, Jayne and Bernard Every, Vera Macpherson, Graham Mason, Babu and Kusum Mistry, Kirt Parshad, Anant Patel, Councillor Tim Sawdon.
MINUTES – The minutes of the meeting held on 5 October 2023, having been posted online and circulated, were accepted.
MATTERS ARISING – SGRA’s funds are seriously depleted. We only have sufficient funding for one more year. The hire of the hall is our largest outgoing. Various sources of funding were discussed, including WMNow (West Midlands Police), Neighbourhood Watch and Heart of England Co-op. In most cases, a specific project needs to be identified when applying. Parking around Grange Farm School – Eastlands Primary School in Rugby had tried an experiment to prohibit parking ‘within so many metres’ of the school and Templars School in Coventry tried something similar, but our police reported that it was an unmitigated disaster. The ANPR patrol vehicle has been seen outside Grange Farm School.
BUS STOP ADJACENT TO No.2 PEVERIL DRIVE – the resident at this property again advises that for the past five years he and his family have been suffering antisocial behaviour from Finham Park pupils who use this (request) stop. This can be as many as 30 pupils at one time. He believes he is being targeted. He cited harassment, abusive language and disrespect for his property. The police and the school have been contacted and he reports having CCTV evidence. He wants to re-open the case for having the bus stop removed and asked the meeting if anyone could not or would not be able to use another stop. A lengthy discussion followed. Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) have stated that nothing has changed since their earlier investigation and the decision not to move the bus stop made in April/May of this year still stands. The resident has been advised to initiate a petition amongst his neighbours. He will forward to SGRA copies of emails he has sent to the school and the police together with their replies.