Last Meetings Minutes
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CUNCILLOR JOHN BLUNDELL/COUNCILLOR MATTIE HEAVEN – No.19 Bus – our Councillors have received notice that the No.19 bus service to Cannon Park is to be withdrawn from 5th November 2023. The bus travels down Cannon Hill Road and also passes Canley Crematorium. A petition asking for reinstatement has been organised and in addition, suggestions from our Councillors are that more buses are put on the route (currently one per hour) to encourage more passengers or re-route another service. Review of Ward Boundaries – The Local Government Boundaries Commission have proposed that Styvechale Grange be moved from Wainbody to Earlsdon Ward. Objections must be submitted by the end of January 2024 and John B advises SGRA to raise a petition to request Styvechale Grange remains in Wainbody Ward. Proposed Bin Strike – operatives have voted for strike action, but it is not thought this will be during the Christmas period. Mattie outlined the historic ‘task and finish’ condition. There is also an equal pay issue. Diminishing Assets – our Councillors are concerned that a recent report on the Council’s investments shows how much money the council had lost (£73.5M) because of the diminishing value of assets such as Coombe Abbey, Tom White Waste and Birmingham Airport. Car Parking Charges – the normal day rate will be extended to 24 hours and this is very likely to deter people from visiting the city centre in the evening.
LOCAL POLICE UPDATE – John A and John B both attended the recent Police Liaison Meeting with Sgt. Darren Betts. There were 68 reported offences in Wainbody Ward in October 2023, 21 of which were for shoplifting at Cannon Park. There were 9 thefts from vehicles. ‘Transit’ vans are a particular target There were 3 burglaries, one in Mantilla Drive.
STREETWATCH - there was one patrol in October, with nothing to report. It is hoped to carry out more patrols in November, one with PCSO Angela on 27th November 2023.
TREASURER’S REPORT – Finances – we currently have £442.24 (running costs for SGRA are approximately £300 annually). Website – Mick has been trying to regain access to Google Analytics but this has not been successful. He referred to a photo on the website of the Grange as a Farm circa 1565, also a map showing the first, second, third and fourth ‘grange’ (field), from which Styvechale Grange takes its name. There are 11 spellings of ‘Styvechale’ and Mick will put them on the website. Facebook – our page is being viewed but no feedback is being received.
ANY OTHER BUSINESS – Cannon Park Residents’ Association has ceased due to lack of support. Cuppa-with-a-Councillor – the next session will be on Friday, 17 November 2023 at 11.00 am in Finham Library. SGRA has received an email from student Jessica Burch at St. Andrews University asking for our views on our time as City of Culture. If members would like to support her, her contact details are The meeting again acknowledged the late delivery of the events’ programme for City of Culture and the financial decline of any ongoing legacy. Coventry Freemen’s Guild – Mick advised that the Guild had lost its meeting room and all the contents are now stored in private garages. A highly prized oak table had been destroyed. Several SGRA members who are Freemen had not received the Guildman publication and Mick has followed this up.
John A wished everyone Happy Diwali and the meeting concluded with the raffle.
DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Thursday, 7 December 2023