1. To provide, on behalf of the Residents in the defined neighbourhood the opportunity to participate in matters affecting the preservation of amenities and the improvement of the living conditions in the area.

2. To stimulate and organise self-help schemes where such are appropriate, or to make representations to statutory bodies or voluntary organisations in matter of neighbourhood welfare requiring their cooperation.

3. To work in partnership with all appropriate organisations.

1. The Association should hold an Annual General Meeting, fourteen days notice having been given in writing to all members that a Chairman,, Treasurer, Minutes Secretary, Web Master and others deemed necessary, shall be elected.

2. Nominations for the election must be submitted to the Chairman seven days prior to the meeting.

3. The association will have the powers to set up a sub-committee as required which shall be subject to supervision of the committee.

4. No alteration to the constitution shall be made except at the Annual General Meeting, at least fourteen days notice of change having been given to the Chairman.

5. For emergency situations a Special General Meeting can be called by the Committee. Agreement by 20% of the active members shall be obtained.

6. Two Auditors will be elected at the annual General Meeting.

7. The association will meet on the first Thursday of the month, beginning at 7.30 pm and finishing a 9.00 pm.

8. The AGM and all ordinary meetings will be held at Grange Farm School. A quorum shall be of 10 members in attendance.

9. The Treasurer, together with the Chairman, and Association Minutes Secretary shall be responsible for ensuring that all accounts and minutes of the association are properly kept.

10. The Treasurer will ensure that an Annual Statement of Accounts is prepared for the presentation to the Annual General Meeting.

11. The association Privacy Policy complies with government requirement. SGRA will hold personal data for the sole use of SGRA. Additional details below.

12. The association shall be dissolved by a decision taken at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose, a minimum of twenty eight days of notice being given to Members.

N.B The defined area of the Associationís operations is the area contained within, and including the adjoining properties of Kenpas Highway from the A45 railway bridge to the A45 Leamington Road roundabout, Leamington Road from the A45 Leamington Road to Baginton Road, Baginton Road from Leamington Road to Stivichall Croft and Stivichall Croft to the Coat of Arm railway bridge.