Minutes continued
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LOCAL POLICE UPDATE – John A has established a good rapport with Sergeant Darren Betts. Reported crime statistics for our area for the period 1st January to 4th March 2020 – Attempted Burglary 1: Harassment 2: Theft 1: Theft from Motor Vehicle 3: Left without Paying 1: Fear/Provocation 1: Child Abuse 1: Malicious Wounding 1: Assault ABH 1. There has been an attempted break-in at a property in Alpine Rise where the perpetrators were observed to be driving a Volkswagen Golf. The resident concerned had been unable to contact Canley Police by email or telephone. Mick reported a similar vehicle has been involved in an incident in the Chesils. The front door of Salon 46 in Hexworthy has been damaged. Please be vigilant and note registration numbers of suspect vehicles.
COUNCILLOR JOHN BLUNDELL – John advised us to apply to the City of Culture funding for a notice board for the Animal Pound. King’s Hill – our Ward Councillors will continue to mitigate some of the worst elements of the plan. The population growth figures from the Office of National Statistics are flawed due to student population changes. Mattie had met with the Member of Parliament for Kenilworth and Southam and our Councillors intend to lobby the Housing Minister to call in the proposal for review. The large student accommodation block being built at Cannon Park will reduce the need for HIMOs in the area. Parking in Cannon Hill Road – Coventry City Council is to implement parking restrictions. Councillor Blundell is standing again as prospective Conservative Candidate for Wainbody Ward in May 2020.
ANIMAL POUND – Next maintenance working party is on Sunday, 8th March 2020, 12.00-2.00 p.m. It is hoped to purchase some native British fruit trees which would be placed around the Pound and various avenues for funding will be followed up, including Tesco. John A and Mick will be leading three year-two classes from Styvechale Primary School around our Heritage Trail on Friday, 6th March 2020.
TREASURER’S REPORT – Website – Mick is unable to access Google Analytics. The website is updated regularly and Mick would welcome constructive feedback. Finances – we presently have £793.55.
ANY OTHER BUSINESS – Health and Safety issues and cost preclude the installation of a bench on our greens. Mr. Larry Watson will give a talk on ‘60s Coventry and Me’ at our meeting on 2nd April 2020, for which a donation will be made to Age UK. Phoenix Family Care – John A reported that a questionnaire designed to contact approximately 100 patients from the surgery had not been sent out. Arranging appointments at the practice is difficult but the treatment, once obtained, is good. Since the meeting, the planned A45/A46 weekend closure for the bridge installation will now take place over the weekend of 14/15th March 2020. Contributions for the SGRA July 2020 newsletter are needed.
TONY SWANN – Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator/Streetwatch, Finham – Tony told of the success of the CCTV network in Finham over the last three years – 150 cameras are able to track street by street. There is very little coverage on Styvechale Grange and Tony would welcome residents to join the group/register in order to help with surveillance of the area. Please contact John A or email name and address to cctv@finhamnw.org.uk. A Neighbourhood Watch data protection policy exists.
The meeting concluded with the raffle.
DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Thursday, 2nd April at 7.30 p.m.