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Railway Foot Bridge 1886 to mid 1950
A resident in Armorial Road purchased the house approximately 4 years ago and the whole garden was very overgrown with two rather large Laurel trees at the bottom left hand side (as you look toward the park) of the garden. We had the Laurel cut right back and by doing this revealed what we thought was just a rockery. Curiously our neighbours had exactly the same feature the other side of the fence, mirroring our garden. After having a new fence put up to replace the gap left by the trees we discovered, after the workmen had a chat with one of the neighbours a few doors down, that this was in fact the start of the bridge that once led to the Memorial Park, not just a rockery as first thought. Picture attached shows the view from garden over to park. The Map shows its location of the bridge as it may have looked. The footpath originally started at the rear of the Styvechale Manor (Bremond College) continuing along the land that is now Armorial road across the railway line and into the fields now the Memorial Park