Last Meetings Minutes
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LOCATION – Zoom (Virtual Meeting)

DATE – 2nd December 2021

PRESENT – John Archer – Chairman, Councillor Mattie Heaven, Sheila Weare – Minutes Secretary.
Plus 12 members of the Association.
WELCOME – John A thanked members for attending the Zoom meeting.
APOLOGIES – Councillor John Blundell, Sylvia and David Cleaver, Mick Fitzpatrick, Councillor Tim Sawdon.
MINUTES – The minutes of the meeting held on 7th October 2021, having been posted online and circulated, were accepted.
MATTERS ARISING – Save the tree in Beanfield Avenue – the petition to save the tree was successful and common sense prevailed. A victory for the residents and supporters. Pavement Repairs, Mantilla Drive – the work has been carried out in a piecemeal manner. The meeting advised that sections of the pavement near Lonscale remain unprepared and Mattie will enquire if and when the work will be completed. Mattie read out an email from Dave Morris, Coventry City Council, explaining the composition of the repair. The pavement improvement highlights the poor condition of the road surface. Restoration of Hedge in Meadow – no response received from Dan Powell, Coventry City Council. It is hoped the gap will repair itself naturally with re-growth of the vegetation. Repairs to the Animal Pound – no response received from Dave Lewis or Mark Yates, Coventry City Council. The site is in very poor condition, although the four apple trees have survived. The whips planted by Jim Passmore and Tony Rose have unfortunately not survived. The recently published Heritage at Risk Register for Grade II buildings did not include the Pound and SGRA are very worried about its future. SGRA will keep the pressure on to get the matter resolved. War Memorial Park – Park and Ride – a new barrier has been erected to deter travellers from entering the park, however, this appears to be very similar to the old one. Gilbert Richards Centre – the centre is gradually re-opening and some management systems have been introduced. Responsibility for running the centre will be undertaken by Age UK and Coventry City Council. The ‘volunteer workers’ are requesting clarification of their roles and more direction. Woodworking carries a significant personal risk and clear guidelines are necessary. Street Watch – Our area co-ordinator reported they have two new members and all members remain enthusiastic. Police and PCSOs had joined some of the patrols. Patrols had noticed a garage door left open (the owner was away) and helped to make safe a dog that had ‘escaped’. Future patrols are scheduled in December. More members are required to enable additional patrols. Contact details for Street Watch and our local co-ordinator are on the SGRA website. Members had attended Cuppa with a Copper with the Police Inspector, at Green Lane. Mattie advised that she and John B had also attended Cuppa with a Copper, but no local residents had supported this. The next Cuppa may be at Finham Library on a more convenient day and at a more convenient time.